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Explosionade developer claims XBLIG is broken

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games and creator of Explosionade has challenged Microsoft to update its 'broken' Xbox Live Indie Games Top Downloads list before he'll release the finished version of his new game.

"Great news--Explosionade is finished and ready for you to play! The bad news--I'm not going to release it till the Xbox Marketplace is less broken. Sorry, but I want the best launch possible, and when the Top Downloads list isn't up to date, it's a crappy time to release a game to Xbox Live Indie Games."

On the Xbox 360's Dashboard, there are many digital marketplaces from which you can download games. If you go to the Indie Games section you'll see several game lists including New Arrivals and Top Downloads.


New Arrivals shows the most recent 20 Xbox Live Indie Games uploaded to the service. As the name implies, Top Downloads shows the 20 games that are currently downloaded most. Think of Top Downloads as "Most Popular".

it's 11pm EST on October 3rd, but sales data for both Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1UP is only up to date till October 1st. The sales data drives the Top Downloads list. If sales data is late, the list is not updating.

There are currently more than 1,300 games available on the XBL Indie Games channel. Several games are released each day. Often a game will only spend a few days in the New Arrivals list. If it hasn't garnered enough attention, it will slip off that visual list, and become buried in the 'Browse All' list where only the most determined gamers will seek it out.

You can follow this story, and read much more about the issues it causes for indie developers trying to make money from the service on Nathan's Blog:

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