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Livingstone Hopes everyone will take this survey

In an open letter to the games industry Ian Livingstone has called on the entire UK workforce to tell the government exactly what skills it needs in order to succeed.

"We want this review to be a first in many respects: in being truly led by industry, and in speaking not only to the government, but also to the young people, teachers and parents whose perceptions we want to change.

The aim of this survey is to understand and articulate experiences of and challenges faced in learning and development by individuals working or seeking work in the industry. This will help shape future policy and ensure the UK is the best source of talent for Video Games production in the world."

We couldn't agree more. Blitz Games Studios has always had a strong belief that education is the backbone of our industry, our own Blitz Academy(which gives advice and to anyone wanting to get into the games industry) and the Blitz 1UP program itself were born out of our belief that educating and supporting aspiring developers is good not just for us, but for the whole industry. We believe this survey could be very important, not just for UK developers working at the larger studios but for all indie developers, game makers, creators and publishers.


If the survey is to succeed it needs to be as wide and encompassing as it can possibly be, so that everyone in the UK can get meaningful changes to our education system (which, incidentally, won’t just benefit those who want a career in the games industry!).

If you live in the UK, fill it in yourself, pass it on - blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it, whatever! Get it out there and give the UK government the best possible picture of our industry and its needs.

The survey:

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