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Gamestar Mechanic turning kids into indie developers

Gamestar Mechanic is a game and community designed to teach kids the principles of game design and systems thinking.

Sounds great, eh? But that's not all...

Not only do they get to design, create and play their own games, they also get to publish them within the community for everyone else to play. It's like a mini training ground for aspiring young indie developers!

While the service is designed for seven to 14 year-olds it is open to everyone. In fact, it seems like they are keen to encourage inter-generational gameplay: parents playing with kids, older siblings playing with younger siblings and even getting the grandparents involved, which sounds great to us - everyone should get the chance to make a game.


It looks like they're going to be going the freemium route with the service, a free-to-play but somewhat limited version for all, a paid-for version that offers additional features and cooler content if you wish to develop your games further. It looks like it will be subscription-based rather than microtransaction, which makes sense when your target market are too young to own their own credit cards!

There's a whole bunch of information about the service here:

The service has just come out of Beta and is already garnering great reviews from players and educational establishments. We highly recommend checking this out


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