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PoV’s Challenge: make a game, sell one copy

A few days ago PoV posted up a challenge on the Ludum Darewebsite and TIG forums. Make a game and sell one copy by the 1st of October. There are no prizes but the contest would raise your life ranking by at least six points of coolness.

"Some of you know me, and some of you loathe me (maybe not, but it sounded good). I'm one of the guys that runs Ludum Dare, that popular compo/jam with the 'ugly' website. My friends, the gloves are off, fisticuffs ready, lets dance! I'm here to issue you a challenge in the most over-the-top way I can at 5:30 AM and on very little sleep.


This October: make a game — take it to market — sell one copy

You've done Jams and Compos before (or have definitely thought about): you've made things. I want you to quit slacking and do something with it, or make something new AND start selling it. For a change, lets make a game and put $1 in your pocket too."

Now we’d like to raise the bar and challenge you to sell two copies and earn at least $2. Yeah, we know we’re hardcore.

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